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Vitamin V - Natalie Okerson-Sparks

Vitamin V - Natalie Okerson-Sparks


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Book description:

“Vitamin V” is a term author Natalie Okerson-Sparks, M.D., would love to see used in the everyday teachings of nutrition and health.

As a family medicine practitioner, mother, and director of a teen health clinic, she sees firsthand the need to introduce more variety into the daily diets of children, adolescents and adults — not only to prevent illness and disease, but also to treat many chronic conditions. For parents and caregivers, this book clarifies the reasons WHY incorporating more variety in children’s diet is so important, as well as providing real-life examples of HOW to do it.

Vitamin V contains helpful tips and suggestions for those at any point along the spectrum of nutritional experience, including What About chapters discussing topics frequently brought up during nutritional discussions, ranging from organic foods to probiotics to gluten to GMOs. It also offers advice to not only those who eat out often and prefer not to cook, but also those who make every meal from scratch; to those who are vegan and those who prefer to eat meat; to those who eat processed foods regularly and those who grow their own food.

We all want to do what’s best for our children, our families, ourselves, and there is no greater impact than focusing on what we must do every day — eat.

Advance Praise for Vitamin V

It is one thing for a family doctor to recommend a wide variety of plant-based foods for healthier, longer lives, and Natalie Okerson-Sparks does that convincingly in Vitamin V, drawing from a lot of powerful research. However, in this book she accomplishes something even more empowering — she inspires us with the supportive voice of someone who truly understands the realities of parenting and she supplies us with easy, delicious recipes that move us in the right direction, one meal at a time. — Jamie Purviance, New York Times Bestselling Cookbook Author

Families are increasingly seeking information to help them navigate the increased complexity of nutritional information. As a cardiologist, I take care of mostly diet- related disease that has resulted from the standard American diet, which is now the number one cause of death in America. Natalie Okerson-Sparks, MD, provides a concise reappraisal of what should be eaten in every home from birth to grave. Our family’s health will be greatly benefitted when this book is actively disseminated from every physician’s office. — David Johnson, MD, FACC, Integrative Health Consultant and Preventive Cardiologist

130 pages
5.83 x 8.27 inches; full color
ISBN: 9781950659302 (Softcover)
Retail Price: $21.95

HEALTH & FITNESS / Children’s Health
HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Weight Loss HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Nutrition

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