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Mary Reeber Krater

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This book came about after a phone call with my son during the Covid lockdown. He had promised his four-year-old that, after a nap, a book would come in the mail from Grandma, who was staying in Northern Michigan at the time. Grandma had, apparently, written a book about funny trucks. Isn’t that fun! Except that she hadn’t. After a frantic phone call, a plan was hatched that I, Grandma, would create a wacky truck illustration, photograph it, and send it via text to the parents, who would in turn print it on their home printer and place in the mailbox. Thus began Wack-A-Doodle Work Trucks, one truck at a time and often inspired by four-year-old imaginations. As the pages piled up, I thought that all children might enjoy the whimsical illustrations of trucks and the extraordinary work they do.
Mary Krater was born and raised in Michigan where she lives with her husband and large, loving family. She attended The College for Creative Studies and earned a degree in Fine Arts. Krater is an accomplished painter, and while it is her passion, her grandchildren and their silliness inspired a different creative outlet: transforming homemade stories and rhymes into books. When not painting, Krater enjoys traveling, hiking and biking in Northern Michigan, and spending time with loved ones.