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The City of Fountains Foundation

When Harold Rice, an executive at Hallmark Cards, and his wife, Peggy, were in Italy on vacation in 1973, they were impressed with the beautiful fountains of Rome. They resolved to build an organization at home dedicated to building and caring for Kansas City’s magnificent fountains. With the support of civic leaders and the community, they worked closely with the Parks Commissioners to form the not-for-profit City of Fountains Foundation (COFF).

Following his design of Kansas City’s unique Parks and Boulevard system, landscape architect George Kessler created many of the unique fountains and statuary that give the neighborhoods a sense of place and help link them to the Parks and Boulevard system.

Today, Kansas City is known nationally as the “City of Fountains.” Even its unique logo carries the image of a fountain. The Foundation continues to assist in the maintenance and repair of fountains and statuaries, and raises funds to help maintain and conserve these landmarks and carefully maintains their endowments.