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Jane McKinney and Mary McKSchmidt

Jane McKinney is the author of nine books, including a children’s book, a memoir on motherhood, a collection of essays, and six books of poetry. The mother of six children, she is a former Director of Public Information for the East Lansing School District and a pioneer in the use of cable television in education, for which she won several awards. Her most recent book, Joy in My Heart, was published in 2022, the year she turned ninety-six. She is a resident of Michigan and mother of co-author Mary McKSchmidt.

Mary McKSchmidt is an author, photographer, newspaper columnist, and former sports editor. At fifty-three, she gave up her position as a president with Baxter International to pursue her passion: building the political will necessary to clean up and protect the Great Lakes. She appears frequently as a public speaker throughout West Michigan and posts monthly at marymckschmidt.com. Her books include Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure, and Advocacy on the Great Lakes and Tiny Treasures: Discoveries Made Along the Lake Michigan Coast. She is a resident of Michigan and daughter of co-author Jane McKinney.