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Deeda Cordin

Deeda Cordin grew up on Deep Creek Ranch, a working cattle ranch near Glenwood, New Mexico. Later her family moved to Timberline Ranch near Dubois, Wyoming, where Deeda was home schooled for most of her primary education because of distance to public schools. Later, she graduated from Virginia lntermont College, one of few colleges where a student can take her horse to school with them. Following years of exhibiting and selling her paintings and photographs in fine art venues, Deeda opened Deep Creek Art in 1995 in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale. That location became a teaching studio for students of all ages. Deeda also taught art at nearby Kingswood Academy for twenty-two years. In 2019 Deeda and her husband moved to Custer, South Dakota, where Deep Creek Art reopened at 26 South 6th Street. Custer, home to Custer State Park and close-by Wind Cave National Park, is the ideal location for Deeda to pursue her love of painting and photography. During the past thirty years, Deeda's photographs and paintings have been awarded recognition, including the Princeton Fine Art Faire, Hinsdale Fine Art Faire, Graue Mill and Museum Photography Exhibition, Dixon Fine Art Exhibition and the Dahl Mountain Photo Exhibition.