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Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson lives in Northern Michigan with her best friend and husband Dave and their two dogs, Parker and Buddy. As often as possible, they drive across the Mackinac Bridge, or “Mighty Mac,” to camp and look for agates along the shores of Lake Superior. The rugged beauty and solitary spaces of that largest of all the Great Lakes is the inspiration for the setting of her book,The Polar Bear andThe Dragon.

Always an avid reader, becoming an author has felt like a natural progression for Debbie. Her favorite authors cleverly draw her in and hold her captive from beginning to end. They thrill her with brilliant schemes and memorable characters who learn valuable life lessons.They charm her imagination. Debbie now hopes to create one of those memorable stories for her readers. One that lures them in, expands their imaginations, and maybe even nudges them to become writers one day. Cheers to great books!