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Gene Klco

Gene Klco (pronounced Kelso) is a retired GM design manager. He has been taking photos since his college days. He later became excited to take photos of loons on the lake where his family cottage sits. This interest was sparked on July 4, 2007, when he was able to let the wind float him in his kayak into three loons on the lake. He got some interesting pictures, as he didn’t spook them with a lot of motion. That got him hooked on loon photography, with most of his photos taken from a kayak. Many “looning” trips to lakes in northern Michigan and thousands of photos later, he decided to make a book out of the story of a loon chick growing up during the summer. That was the subject of his first book, Loon Chick’s First Flight. This second book continues that story, this time bringing in more animals, especially eagles. Like the first book, this one is directed at children, but the story and photos are delightful for all ages.