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Cindy Hull

Dr. Cindy L. Hull is an anthropologist and Professor Emeritus from Grand Valley State University. Her research interests have taken her to Mexico, Micronesia, and rural Michigan. She has published two ethnographies: Katun: A Twenty-Year Journey with the Maya; and Chippewa Lake: A Community in Search of an Identity.

In retirement, Cindy has pursued her love of mystery novels by writing two murder mysteries, introducing her protagonist, Dr. Claire Aguila. Cindy’s first novel, Human Sacrifice, takes place in the Yucatán Peninsula, where she and her husband lived and studied among the Maya. Her newest mystery, Culture Shock, explores the mysterious world of the Florida retirement community.

Alas, Cindy has not succumbed to the allure of life in a retirement community. Instead, she happily resides with her husband in Traverse City, Michigan.