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Thank you for visiting Mission Point Press Distribution Services. We are part of Mission Point Press, a Traverse City, Mich, publishing company that helps authors and organizations self-publish. We offer a range of editing, design, marketing and production services.

Mission Point Press also publishes its own books under the Mission Point Press and Chandler Lake Books imprints. You can find more about us at MissionPointPress.com and ChandlerLakeBooks.com.

Mission Point Press Distribution Services' primary purpose is to provide bookstores and other retailers with information on MPP's catalog of books and where those books can be ordered. 

Changes have come to MPP Distribution!


Please note! MPP Distribution no longer fulfills orders for MPP-published books printed through IngramSpark's or Kindle Direct Publishing's print-on-demand services. Instead, shop owners should go to their Ingram account to order these books. 

Does your shop currently not have access to Ingram? Setting up an account on Ingram is easy to do. Here are the instructions from Ingam:


Ingram can establish accounts for all retailers, not just bookstores. We also establish accounts for libraries and schools. We usually provide the below information to our new customers who wish to establish and account with us.

In order to establish an account, we ask that you please visit our website www.ingramcontent.com. Once you arrive to our main homepage, please select "Services" and choose the option that best applies to your business. From there, you may begin the Onboarding process by selecting "Get Started" in the top right corner. This process should be fairly straightforward but does require some additional information about your business. Please complete all required fields with as much detail as possible.

We are eager to assist you with every facet of how to do business with us. To help serve you in the best manner possible, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly new account support specialists.


MPP Distribution will continue to fulfill books that are not available through Ingram. The description of each book will indicate whether the book is available on Ingram or not. 

This site is a wholesale order site for retailers. It is NOT a consumer site. Orders that come through this site will be monitored and approved before any books ship.

Retailers interested in purchasing wholesale through this site should email us first about their desire to order if they've not yet done business with Mission Point Press or Mission Point Press Distribution Services.  Retailers already doing business with Mission Point Press or Mission Point Press Distribution Services can open an account on this on-line sales site without contacting us.

Please email us at doug@missionpointpress.com. Doug Weaver is the business manager for Mission Point Press.

Our contact information:

Mission Point Press
2554 Chandler Road
Traverse City, MI 49696

Doug Weaver


Sales to pre-approved bookstores and other retailers are Net 30, with a standard discount of 40% off retail plus shipping. Books are returnable after 90 days following the sale. For details of our Returns Policy, please click here.