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Thomas A. Buhr

Thomas A. Buhr is a native Michigander and lifelong fishing enthusiast chasing everything from bluegills and bass to snappers and snook. At 14 years old, he moved to Boca Raton—a place nobody had heard of yet—and fell in love with Old Florida. Watching "progress" steal away this magical land also spawned an interest in conservation.

While working his way through the academic thicket with degrees from Miami (FL), Central Florida, and University of Michigan, he found time for freelance writing. In over 30 years he has written scores of articles in magazines including Field & Stream, Florida Game & Fish, The Fisherman, Michigan Out of Doors, and Midwest Fly Fishing as well as several pieces for academic journals. He was editor of The Riverwatch and won an Award for Conservation Journalism from The Sierra Club in 2011.

Buhr founded the Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association in 2007 and has been a member, often serving on the board, of several Michigan-based conservation organizations.

When not fishing, writing or protecting wild places, he cheers for his favorite sports teams: Leicester City Foxes, Michigan Wolverines, and Miami Dolphins.
He can be reached at PO Box 300, Luzerne, MI 48636 or tombuhr@prodigy.net.