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Steve and Kathie Libert

Steve and Kathie Libert share over 42 years of researching Great Lakes mysteries. Steve’s gift as a dogged researcher and Kathie’s ability to separate “unnecessary static” from the facts open a path of exciting possibilities in their search for Robert La Salle’s flagship Le Griffon. Steve’s expertise in underwater technology and adventurous spirit in high-risk adventures offered him the opportunity to participate in many historical endeavors. Their research has taken him on underwater expeditions and missions where only a few have ventured: to the East China Sea, Okinawa, and his beloved Great Lakes. Steve acted as consultant to the late renowned author Clive Cussler as NUMA’s Virginia Director, the distinguished archaeologist Dr. Lee Spence on the confederate submarine CSS Hundley, and the late legendary shipwreck researcher Robert (Bob) Fleming. Steve has participated in projects such as the Titanic, I-52 submarine, Navy flight 19 avengers, John Paul Jones’ Bon Homme Richard, General Yamashita’s hidden troves, the Poverty Island Mystery, sinking of the Carl D. Bradley, missing L-39C Albatross and their lifelong quest, Le Griffon. Steve has appeared on various national and international media venues such as ABC’s Good Morning America and Good Morning Canada along with
Paris and NPR radio.