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Priscilla Miller

Priscilla Miller, is a wife, mother of five, grandmother and great grandmother. She grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan, and as a child, was a WWII Gold Star Orphan. Her love of reading provided a welcome escape from her lonely childhood, as it transported her into a world where she could live vicariously with a real family, via Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books. Priscilla married young, raised five children, and says, “I always had the soul of a writer but never had the time to write, until I retired and moved to Alden.” Her writing career began in 2004, and within a short period of time her feature stories and articles began appearing in a number of northern Michigan newspapers. Three of her stories have also appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. In 2009, she wrote her first book, Reflections at the Water’s Edge: An Illustrated History of the Alden Area. In 2014 she wrote her first children’s book, McGillicutty: A Very Special Bear. Her latest book, Remmy: A Hero Dog Of War, was written for the express purpose of donating all of the book’s proceeds to Mission K-9 Rescue and The Warriors Path: PTSD Therapy And Treatment. It is a print on demand book, available on Amazon. She was recently honored for the second time, as the Author Next Door by the Traverse City National Writers Series.