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Sport Literate

  • Upcoming 25th anniversary: Sport Literate was founded in 1995 in Chicago. Since then, we've published more than 400 poets and writers. 
  • All-Americans: We've had 22 writers named in two "Best American" anthologies.... Best American Essays and Best American Sports Writing. Two had their SL essays republished in the latter anthology. 
  • Unique offering: SL may be the nation's lone literary magazine with a primary focus on creative nonfiction. 
  • Sport offerings: People have often asked at writer conferences if we would publish an essay or poem about "this sport or that sport." We don't have any particular bias to any sport. We're just looking for good writing within our theme of "honest reflections on life's leisurely diversions." That said, we've published more on baseball than anything else. We tend to receive and publish a fair amount on running, as well. Liz Prato's essay, "Flights of Two," which received notable nods in both of the aforementioned anthologies, is about artistic rollerskating. Yes, that's a thing.