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Tim Keenan

Tim Keenan ...

  • Lives in Traverse City, Mich., with his beautiful dog Ruca for 9 months, then winters in Sayulita, Mexico, a little fishing/surfing town 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.
  • Is active in yoga, golf and Stand up Paddling (SUP).
  • Returned to Vietnam in 2014 and was the subject of an award-winning short documentary, titled "Naneek," directed by Neal Steeno.
  • For 40 years coached and played volleyball, to include playing in the nationals.
  • Raised five beautiful children, all unique and kind; a banker, an environmentalist and activist, a champion skateboarder, a Luthier, and a social worker/teacher.
  • Was in the military (Army) from 2/27-2/69. Infantry MOS, in Vietnam 11 months, 26 days and 13 hours. Honor Guard stationed in Denver from 8/68-2/69.
  • Now seeks peace and justice.
  • Is a friend to many.