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Richard Ault

Dr. Richard Ault has spent his entire working career in the business of innovation and change, experience that is reflected in this book. He began as a high school teacher of English and a course called Problems in Democracy before becoming the school principal at the age of 27. He worked most of his life, however, as an international consultant to organizations large (General Motors, Alcoa, Brown and Root, Champion International and others) and small (an Off-Broadway theater company), private and public (the Electric Trust of South Australia, the Sydney Water Board, the Executive Office of the President of the United States). He has published articles, book chapters, a poem, and a non-fiction book all on cultural change in large social systems. His personal essay, Living in the Nuthouse, appears online at biostories.com. In his first novel, The Names in the Hat, Ault turns his passion for innovation to the subject of the structure of democracy itself. He and his wife Pennie live on Torch Lake in northwestern lower Michigan.