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Karen Rieser

 A storyteller by nature, Karen Rieser threads together fact and fiction to deliver her message. Her love of nature, her desire for all animals to be treated ethically, and a yearning to know the rest of the story motivated her to write Fiona Finds Her Purpose.

Karen's career as an educator and mother of twins was spent in Portage, Michigan. As an empty-nester, she continued teaching and studied to be a docent at a nearby zoo. It was here that she heard the story of a very parasite-infested dog that had been found just in time to foster a pair of abandoned African Wild Dog pups. Using only that information, Karen researched and created Fiona Finds Her Purpose. Karen moved to Traverse City, Michigan, upon retirement, and spends her time substitute teaching, traveling, freelance writing, and enjoying artistic endeavors.

The messages taught in Fiona's story are important: respect life regardless of its form, understand that the Earth must be cared for, and that we all play a part in one another’s survival.