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Ayla and Calla Rybicki

Ayla: "I love acting. And acting creepy is my favorite. Also, scary movies are my favorite because of the action, the jump-scares, and because they are simply the best! One day I’m going to be the star of one. It’s also super fun making up the stories and recording our Scary Stories for Creepy Kids podcast. Other than creepiness, I like dancing with my dance squad, and Pokémon and Minecraft are fun."
Calla: "I like scary stuff because normal kids’ stuff is just straight up boring. Spooky stuff has all sorts of twists and things you wouldn’t expect … which I love! When I’m not being creepy I enjoy eating pot pies, cats (not eating them … petting them!), creating all types of artwork, and designing fashions."

Mom grew up horror obsessed, then Dad was dragged into the macabre, too. They are embracing their role as part of this creepy family and letting the girls grow whatever they’re passionate about. It's in their blood, after all.