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Roger Coleman

Roger Coleman has spent much of his life collecting the stories of American author Eustace Cockrell. Cockrell was a significant contributor to both “pulp” and “slick” magazines in the 1930s and ’40s before moving to Hollywood and becoming a pioneer writer of westerns and other early television shows.

Coleman is married to Eustace Cockrell’s daughter, Elizabeth. “Marrying into this family, I was immediately surrounded by the vast Cockrell history and the respect with which Eustace was held, not only as a writer, but as a person. To his family and friends, he was a man of integrity who reflected the qualities of honesty, fair play and hopefulness – the same qualities found in his many memorable characters.” 

In addition to editing Refugee Smith and Other Stories of the Ring, Coleman previously edited a two-volume set of Cockrell's short stories, Masterpieces of Eustace Cockrell.

Roger and Elizabeth Cockrell, both retired ministers, live in Edenton, NC.