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Roz Weedman and Susan Todd

Roz Weedman

Roz Weedman lives in the tourist town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. She worked for thirteen years as a legal secretary, continued her education at the University of Michigan, and eventually retired from her position as a professor of English after twenty years. Her teaching career focused on writing and American literature. For pleasure, she reads mysteries from Louise Penny, Anthony Horowitz, Ian Rankin, Agatha Christie, and other masters of the genre. Roz loves nothing more than playing mah-jongg with her friends and grandkids. She believes road trips are the best trips. If you’re in Frankenmuth, she’s easy to find. Her white minivan with the Mahj license plate will be parked askew somewhere in town.

Susan Todd

Susan Todd lives in Frankenmuth, Michigan, with Mel, her husband of over fifty years. After being a stay-at-home mom, she went back to get her teaching degree. She started her work at the same college her son was attending. After graduating, Susan and Mel moved to Frankenmuth, where she taught elementary and middle school for eleven years. Since retiring they enjoy traveling both abroad and in the US. They have a daughter, gretchen, and a son, Jason. If you travel to Frankenmuth and see a silver-blue convertible zipping around town, give Susan a wave.

Lane Trabalka

Lane Trabalka is a visual arts 2D concentration student in tenth grade at an arts and sciences school in Saginaw. She enjoys noticing, mulling over, and sometimes drawing the finer details of the world around her.