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Mary Stewart Scholl

I was born in Washington DC and raised in Brookmont, overlooking the sea, the old canal, and the little falls of the Potomac River. Beauty surrounded us both indoors and out, with my father's and grandmother's paintings hanging on our walls. What did you do for recreation back then? You took your miniature Windsor Newton watercolors and your #2 sable brush and went out to find a beautiful spot to paint.

I studied at Cornell College in Iowa, earning a BA and a minor in arts. Continuing my education and work at the Art Institute of Chicago, I developed a love for etching and lithography.

For the next decade, I taught kindergarten in Chicago, spending six years teaching art via closed circuit TV for grade school children. I also led in-service programs for teachers, creating all the artwork for the TV station.

Upon my son's birth, I opened a store called Home Made Goods, crafting everything from stuffed toys to wooden puzzles, beads, clothes, purses, and silver jewelry. Within three years, I expanded into decorative rubber stamps, a yarn business, and an antique paper gallery.

But since owning my own gallery, I found no time to paint. On July 4th, 1979, I traveled to Beaver Island, stayed one day and decided to move permanently. During winters, I painted to sell at the Toy Museum in the summer. Now, I share my life with my husband, Captain Glen Felixson, and our two cherished kitties, Pearl and Felix.