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Maureen Electa Monte

In Maureen Electa Monte’s first game as a Little League umpire, she found her moxie when a coach dashed from the dugout, screaming like a banshee, to contest a call. She issued a stern warning. When his behavior continued, she (at age 13) threw him out of the game.

She went on to become MVP of her basketball team and Engineer of the Year for IBM. Often the only female consultant in the room, she fiercely advocated for her ideas and solutions, and coached other women on how to do the same.

When Maureen began delivering leadership training to sports teams, she realized that even super competent high school, college, and Olympic female athletes suffered from low confidence. Believing that confidence is a muscle that gets stronger with use, she created a framework called Win Like A Girl®, designed to help coaches and parents develop powerful girls who overcome adversity, expand their comfort zone, and win at the game of life. Thousands of athletes, coaches, and corporate professionals have discovered how big their “brave” is.

Win Like A Girl is more than an inspirational, how-to book; it’s a movement. And you’re invited! Learn more at www.maureenmonte.com