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Judith K. Sabbert

Judith K. Sabbert (Judy) grew up on a farm outside of White Cloud, Kansas, a community of 300 people at the time. She went on to complete three degrees: a bachelor's and a master's in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas and a second master's in Administration from Central Michigan University. She served as president of the nationally-recognized and award-winning Heartland Foundation (aka Mosaic Life Care Foundation), ending a 30-year career with the nonprofit in 2018.

In 2015, Judith released her first book, Come Together, Think Ahead, that focused on a collective leadership approach to transform communities and people's lives. Her work recognized that "Each of us is progress, each of us is potential, each of us is possibility, but only if we THINK AHEAD." Healthy Communities and emPowerU were two of the innovative programs she co-created and led at the foundation. In 2019, the organization established the Judith K. Sabbert Spark Award, an annual recognition presented to young people who are civically engaged and take on community projects that have had an impact on other people's lives.

Instead of retirement, Judy chose β€œre-firement." If she's not in her loft writing, she is seeking new life adventures with her husband DJ. Together they have four children and five grandchildren.

Overcoming a number of life challenges – divorce, breast cancer, grief and loss – Judy chooses to live life to the fullest and embrace God and His angels who are there to lift us up. Late in the day on her last day of work she started penning about her personal journey, Daring to Dance: Pearls of Wisdom for a Soul-Filled Life.