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Unforgotten Dreams — Elizabeth Thompson

Unforgotten Dreams — Elizabeth Thompson

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Veterinary student Miranda Graaf returns home to her family farm in Dewitt, Iowa to help care for her ailing father as part of her determination to keep the fourth-generation farm going. Baffled about what to do with her life, she battles with her mother about finishing her education while discovering family secrets that turn her world upside down. She is engaged to Dylan, a narcissistic chiropractic student who keeps her hooked in their relationship.

Yet, shortly upon returning home, Miranda develops feelings for ruggedly handsome Hank, a farm courier, who sparks a hint of doubt about her commitment to Dylan. Risky decisions lie ahead, with the welfare of the family farm hanging in the balance.

“This breezy read grabs your hand and takes you along a journey of loss and sorrow, and gain and happiness. It’s a discovery of power and finding out what's ultimately important in life. Get your favorite beverage, cozy in, and immerse yourself in one struggling family's story and the decisions that will affect them for a lifetime.”
— Lori Puckett, former television host and multimedia professional

Unforgotten Dreams beautifully captures hope, aspiration, and life’s potential intersecting with duty, roots, and a greater calling. The story unfolds as life does, with familiar themes and unexpected turns along the way. As I watched Miranda take risks and awaited her decisions, I could see myself in the pages. I was charmed and captivated, and I'm looking forward to more from Elizabeth Thompson.”
— Amy Petty, singer-songwriter

6x9 inches
242 pages
ISBN: 978-1-950659-84-5
Retail price (softcover): $16.95

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