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Trusting the Universe — Larry Walsh

Trusting the Universe — Larry Walsh

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Oftentimes while traveling through life, people learn a lesson from a family relationship, a personal encounter, a work experience, or other life event.

Trusting the Universe is an accumulation of personal and career life lessons, from bonding with a brother to standing out from a competitor, that the author has experienced. Over the past thirty years or so, he has been sharing these journeys with an encouraging audience of friends, children, and grandchildren. This book is a result of that encouragement. It was written with the hope that others might benefit by applying these lessons to their own lives, while feeling less alone in the process. It takes the view that lessons and mistakes are opportunities for growth, and for moving forward. And if you trust the universe, that is what matters.

“The lost art of storytelling is alive and well in this colorful book. Having had the pleasure of hearing the author regaling many of the stories herein, I can say without reservation that these are amusing and memorable stories.”
— Rick Latella

“Captivating, entertaining stories about the author’s life experiences.”
— Tom Morgan

“I have known Larry for over 40 years. During that time, we became close friends. I used to listen to him tell stories, and often told him to write a book! He had wonderful stories to tell about work, family, and life events. I know that everyone will benefit from the tales and lessons he shares.”
— Kenneth Edwards

5 x 8 inches
190 pages
ISBN: 978-1-950659-90-6
Retail price: $14.95

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