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The Wolfkeeper — Carolyn Lewis

The Wolfkeeper — Carolyn Lewis


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Book description:

Illustrated by Tajín Robles

The Wolfkeeper immerses us into the harshness of northern Michigan winters, the wind howling, the waters surrounding the peninsula covered with ice beneath the swirling snow. They acquaint us with the flora and fauna from the cherry trees and morel mushrooms to wolves, lake trout and salmon. We meet a diverse cast of characters who yet share one common feature: in one way or another, they are the underprivileged. Chief among them are the Native Americans with their story- telling, spirituality and connectedness to the natural world. Then there are the strong women pushing back against a male dominated culture.

Lewis’s prose is a formidable instrument. It can be poetic. Or darkly humorous. Or passionate in a compellingly understated way. This illustrated volume collects and preserves the work of this gifted writer.

“The ice heaved itself up like mountains rising, and the lighthouse rose, the length of a small pine branch one minute, the height of a large buck deer the next, some moments no more than the width of a small round stone. Through the spray of moonlight and the shifting of colors in the aurora borealis, the lighthouse shot up like buildings on reservations with loan money for casinos. Dark water drained off its green muddy sides, washedover the granite stone floor, ran over the still frozenrocks and thawed them, and down through the lake weed tangled at its base. It washed off the pale tower until we could all see the light in the lighthouse tower turning in slow, broad blinks.”
— From “To Owe Death a Life.”

196 pages; illustrated; b/w; softcover 6 x 8.25 inches
ISBN: 978-1-950659-12-8
Retail price: $14.99
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