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The Star Tales of Mother Goose - Mary Stewart Adams & Patricia DeLisa

The Star Tales of Mother Goose - Mary Stewart Adams & Patricia DeLisa


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Book description:

Designed to awaken the imagination in relationship to the stars, this book is a delightful companion to the contemporary scientific approach to our celestial environment. The Star Tales of Mother Goose includes traditional Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes that the author and illustrator have connected to the constellations of the night sky. Rich with original illustrations and its own additional whimsical rhymes, the book introduces basic astronomical concepts and the history of each rhyme, as well as the history of Mother Goose herself.

Here you will find easy-to-use sky maps, a key for finding the stars, and how they relate to the corresponding Mother Goose rhymes. The book is suitable for children and designed for adults. “Sixpence,” “Hey Diddle Diddle,” “Little Bo Peep,” “Little Boy Blue,” “Humpty Dumpty” and more are included ,carousing beneath a sky full of stars.

From the preface: There are few things more delightful than finding your way through the night sky than by whimsy and rhyme and once upon a time.

  • ISBN : 978-1-7364120-0-8
  • Retail Price : $29.95
  • 9 x 11 inches
  • Pages : 112 Full color illustration
  • Publisher : Mission Point Press (May 11, 2021)

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