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The Gift of Second Chances — Patricia Steele

The Gift of Second Chances — Patricia Steele


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Book description:

Patty Steele’s painful and heartfelt story is a must read for all affected by alcoholism and addiction.

Patty’s drinking began socially, and progressed into a powerful addiction gaining control of her adult world. As an addict she drank to medicate the pain of life, desperately trying to numb feelings of shame and defeat.

Steele was responsible for a car accident that took the life of the driver when she was 48. She was sentenced to seven years in prison. 

"Because of me, a man lost his life," Steele said. "I cannot change what happened, but I can go forward honoring his life by sharing the painful and shameful truth of my experience."

Steele eventually achieved recovery with the support of loved ones and friends and, after prison, she finished college and interned for three years at Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City. She is a state-certified drug and alcohol counselor. She remains active in the recovery community by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sponsoring, and sharing her experience and hope.

A portion of the proceeds of her book is being donated to Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City, Mich.

"This book could only have been written by an addict who has walked the walk through the labyrinth of addiction, recovery, relapse, the criminal justice system and the horrors and humiliation of prison. This book itself is a gift to any of us who want some understanding of the inner conflict and outer chaos that marks the life of an alcoholic. For her crime, Patty enters prison as the victim, full of guilt and shame, and emerges as the victor, uniquely equipped to share her experience for the benefit of any of us whose life has been touched by the behavior of an addict."

— Michael J. Haley, retired 86th District Court Judge, Traverse City, Michigan

"If we have any hope of addressing the epidemic of addiction, we must start thinking about addiction differently. We must demand better policy. We must listen to those grappling with addiction. Shame and stigma only grow if we nourish it. By telling her story, by being a beacon of hope for individuals currently struggling with addiction, and by just living a life of quality and purpose, Patty Steele demonstrates a path to redemption that has little tolerance for the disability shame tends to incubate."

— Christopher Hindbaugh, CEO, Addiction Treatment Services, Traverse City, Michigan

"This phenomenal book is for those who work in the addiction field and for anyone who is drawn to understand this destructive human epidemic. Patty Steele tells her own story in a clear voice, while giving an unblinking view of the stark realities of our present prison system. This is a substantial contribution to the thorny interface of substance abuse and 'corrections.' As a working psychologist, I particularly appreciate the candid report and roadmap for effecting healthy change, creating a way forward and showing that positive outcomes are indeed possible. A great read!"

— Paulita Neal, Ph. D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, State of California, Member, American Psychological Association

"A sobering example of extraordinary personal transformation even during the darkest of circumstances. A triumphant depiction of how personal action and mindset are key to success even when stripped of basic human rights and freedom."

— J.C. Ransom, Traverse City, Michigan, Masters of Social Work, Master Addiction Counselor, Licensed Masters Social Worker

138 pages; 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-950659-09-8
Retail price: $18.95

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