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The Batman and the Ballerina — Dean Feldpausch

The Batman and the Ballerina — Dean Feldpausch


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Book description:

One of aviation's greatest heroes
One of ballet's greatest dancers

Daredevil Clem Sohn was an airshow superman, famous throughout the United States and Europe for his 20,000-foot glides on wings of his own design.

By 1937, beautiful, graceful Margot Fonteyn was well on her way to becoming Britain’s Prima Ballerina. In her autobiography, she described receiving a bouquet of flowers and a note from Clem after one of her performances ... and just a few days before Clem perished.

From these two facts, author Dean Feldpausch creates a gravity-defying love story for all ages.

“A story that pulls at the heartstrings. The tale of Clem’s life, tragically and poetically foreshortened, makes for a fascinating read. ... An account of love, loss, and high aerial theatrics, The Batman and the Ballerina reveals the touching story of Michigan’s own unsung Icarus.”
 — Scott J. Couturier,
author of The Mask of Tamrel

FICTION / Romance / Historical
174 pages, archival photographs

Softcover, 6.69 x 9.61
ISBN: 978-
Retail price: $16.95

Hardcover laminate
ISBN: 978-1-943995-89-9
Retail price: $22.95

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