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On a Pit and a Prayer — Michelle White

On a Pit and a Prayer — Michelle White


"If you’ve ever had a great idea for a business, check out Michelle White’s candid and cautionary tale, On a Pit and a Prayer. A terrific idea is one thing, but turning it into a successful business is quite another [and] White’s story is both compelling and personal." — Rebecca Reynolds, Writer/Producer 8180 Films and Co-Creator/ Producer Hollywood & Crime

On a Pit and a Prayer: How I Grew a Business, Lost a Business, and Found Faith, Family and Love

Prepare for a roller-coaster ride as Michelle White recalls her entrepreneurial experience launching an award-winning startup concentrate business in northwest Michigan.

Driven by a passionate vision of the health benefits of cherry juice, Michelle grows the company to more than $1 million in sales and is honored for her business successes. And yet, behind the scenes, all is not well as she struggles with financing, a hands-off board of directors, and her own uncertainty about what’s most important in life.

In the end, Michelle loses the company — but she uses the same determination and perseverance to embrace what’s essential: faith, family, and love.

Michelle’s unique telling of this true story takes you on an emotional journey of tears, frustration, and anger ... but leaves you feeling the promise of hope and joy.

"This is a great read for any small business owner or aspiring small business owner. Many perils await in the mine field that is small business ownership, and Michelle survived them all. She takes us on a journey of passion, heart, loss and love. We have much to learn from her experiences!" — Cammie Buehler, Managing Partner, Epicure Catering & Cherry Basket Farm

Retail price: $16.95
Softcover, 166 pages
Publisher: Mission Point Press (Aug. 2018)
Language: English

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