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Nature's Unseen World: Leelanau County's Backyard - Bob Jones

Nature's Unseen World: Leelanau County's Backyard - Bob Jones


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By Bob Jones
Published by Mission Point Press

The backyards of beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan, hold a world of wonder as seasons pass, animals and insects pause, plants thrive, bloom, go dormant. All are there to nurture the natural environment and display their unseen wonders. Bob Jones’ passion and insights are captured in rarely seen photographs of Leelanau’s natural world.

For many of us, our love of the natural world started not through the great wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon, but with being in awe of the beauty, intricacy, and delicacy of nature on a small scale in our own local area and even our own backyards. Here, linked to Michigan’s beautiful Leelanau County, is a lovely pictorial exploration of the same local natural world that tugged at our hearts in our youth as we watched flowers, butterflies, bees, and frogs. For some of us, this changed our lives. —Anton Reznicek, Curator of Vascular Plants,
University of Michigan Herbarium

Author's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bobjonesleelanau/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

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