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Murder in the Militia (A Joe McFarland / Ginny Harris mystery) - Stuart Safft

Murder in the Militia (A Joe McFarland / Ginny Harris mystery) - Stuart Safft


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Book description:

Joe and Ginny are back on the beat, this time responding to an anonymous report of murder on a heavily armed militia compound. There’s one major problem: how to get inside? Not to mention several questions in need of answers —

Was there actually a murder or was it a crank call?

If a murder did occur: Who’s the victim?

Who’s the murderer?

What’s the motive?

Where’s the body?

In pursuit of justice, the duo work closer together than ever before, dangers — both expected and unforeseen — awaiting their investigation at every turn. Confronting extremist ideologies head-on, they must earn the trust of those who naturally distrust all authority, even as the clock ticks on catching the potential murder victim’s killer. What secrets lie buried on the FRAP compound? It’s up to Joe and Ginny to unearth the answers — and, just maybe, set a date for their wedding (should they manage to come through unscathed).

5 x 8 inches

ISBN: 978-1-954786-12-7

Retail price: $12.95

Paperback: 294 pages


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