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Maire's Journey to the Sea: A Voyage Inspired by Hope and the Thousands Who Traveled With Her - Keith Famie

Maire's Journey to the Sea: A Voyage Inspired by Hope and the Thousands Who Traveled With Her - Keith Famie


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Book description:

By Keith Famie
Publisher: Mission Point Press

Nothing could have prepared award-winning documentarian Keith Famie for terminally-ill cancer patient Maire Kent.

What began as a documentary interview evolved into great friendship as 23-year-old Maire, who was facing a lonely final year on earth, found genuine care and concern in Keith. He became giver of unconditional support, promise keeper, and helper on her journey from abandonment to connectedness.

After her death, blind master carpenter George Wurtzel crafted a small pine sailboat to carry her ashes to the ocean. The little vessel’s journey would touch the lives of hundreds of strangers, unknowingly working in unison to fulfill Maire’s final wishes.

A behind-the-scenes look at the documentary film Maire’s Journey, this book will make readers ask of themselves: Who am I? What is my purpose? What will be my legacy?

To learn about the film and see a trailer, please go to http://mairesjourney.com/index.html.

A portion on the proceeds from this book and the tour will go to the Maire Kent Memorial Fund for Sarcoma and Cardiac Tumor Research. See http://mairesjourney.com/support.html.

This book is the full-color edition. A black and white version is also available.


Rich Homberg, President and CEO, Detroit Public Television

As American society looks to find new ways to approach end-of-life issues, Maire’s journey and all the Keith has envisioned could become a national dialogue that celebrations life, a genuine sense of community and death. Marie’s passion, matched with Keith’s relentless commitment, makes for something that could be transformative.

Arthur Horwitz, Publisher/Executive Editor with the Detroit Jewish News

In the midst of this young woman’s struggle against a terminal diagnosis, she takes an interest in Keith’s documentary work relating to the Holocaust and receives significant reinforcement in her determination to “survive.” While the story of her life has the inevitable ending, the “journey” Maire is about to embark upon is nothing short of astounding and uplifting.

Dottie Deremo, RN, MSN, MHSA, FACHE, Executive Emeritus, Hospice of Michigan, Principal Partner & CEO

Maire’s Journey powerfully communicates that there is another, enlightened way. Through this 23 year old’s passage, we witness Maire coming to terms with her mortality, how she wants her life and death to teach others, and, how families, even the most fractured, can come to a place of healing. Maire positively changes everyone she touches—her doctor, the filmmaker, her family, and all of us as she so generously shares her journey.

Rabbi Bunny Freedman, Chaplain/Executive Director of The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network

The power of “Marie’s journey” is that through Marie we come to realize that embedded within each of us is likely a very powerful legacy. If your willing “to” risk sharing it with those we love, we may be able to turn it into a eternal legacy.

Marty Fischhoff, Director Taubman Institute, University of Michigan

Maire’s story is not one you will ever forget. Her journey is ultimately one we all take, and we can only hope we travel it with as much dignity and courage as she has. You cannot see this movie without wanting to help make her final wish come true.

Laura Varon Brown, Executive Director & CEO Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit

Maire’s Journey and the storied life of this young woman allows all of us to reflect on the true meaning of support and a kind embrace. Maire’s support came late in her young life. It came at a time of despair. Maire fought her way to find kindness and a final wish. Both fulfilled by physicians who were once strangers and through an improbable friendship with the incredible Keith Famie. What Keith gave to Maire, she returned tenfold to him. And all of us.

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