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Living Through the Lens — Keith Famie

Living Through the Lens — Keith Famie

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As a globetrotting chef from the Food Network, a contestant on “Survivor” and, more recently, the producer/director of award-winning documentaries, Keith Famie has lived a life of adventure and discovery that most of us dream about. Along the way, he has encountered numerous individuals who have illustrated the depth and complexity of the human condition.

In Living Through the Lens, Famie shares poignant memories of his years in the public eye and those of his subsequent career as a filmmaker. He recounts a journey of personal growth through the remarkable people he has interviewed, folks whose challenges may seem unimaginable to us. Yet most of them were touched by circumstances even they could not have predicted — things like cancer, cognitive and mental health issues, and catastrophic war injuries. Famie relates in detail their triumphs in the face of adversity, offering the reader a sense of awe and inspiration, along with an incomparable lesson in human empathy.

Advance praise for Living Through the Lens:

“Over ten-plus years, Keith has invented the position of “community storyteller” for national audiences from his base in Detroit.” — Rich Homberg President & CEO, Detroit Public Television/PBS

“Keith takes us through the lens to see how the men and women whose stories he has shared through the years have touched him in the most profound way. They will touch you as well.” — JoAnne Purtan WOMC Morning Radio Host

What a joy to be fellow sojourner and be touched by authentic stories enhanced by amazing film making, storytelling and authorship. This book is a tribute to humanity, heart and at times the grit of life. — Chuck Gaidica, Speaker & Broadcaster

“From internationally renowned chef to television personality to award winning documentary producer and director, Keith’s story will move you to tears and restore your faith in humanity.” — Rabbi Daniel B. Syme

“Through his hard work and knack for building and maintaining relationships, Keith always finds the people who make me think and take stock. Once you read about them, they will have the same effect on you.” — Matt Friedman, Tanner Friedman Associates

“For almost 40 years, Keith has traveled the globe and gone to the ends of the earth taking each of us along for the ride. He’s awakened aspects of ourselves every step of the way through highly personal, poignant journeys of his own as well as others, and we are better for it.”  — Carolyn Krieger, Founder, CKC Agency

“As a filmmaker, Keith Famie has the unique ability to present complex issues through stories that capture both the impact on society and empathy for his subjects. There can be no better use for his talent for storytelling than the way in which his films decode complicated topics, honor individual experiences and serve the audience with a broader understanding.”  — Fred Nahhat Sr., VP Production


200 pages
7.5 x 9.5 inches
Full color
978-1-950659-25-8 (Softcover)
Retail price: $24.95

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