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Laughing in Leelanau or I Swear it's True — Scott Craig

Laughing in Leelanau or I Swear it's True — Scott Craig

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A hilarious collection of yarns, tales, poems and songs gathered from the people who live on Michigan’s “little finger,” Leelanau County.

A friend showed Scott Craig a book entitled Maine Humor. The friend, who had gone to school in that state and could do the accent, read some of the stories aloud. Like the farmer trying in vain to give directions to a stranger, finally in complete exasperation saying, “You know, you just can’t get there from here.”

Craig laughed.

The tales were truly humorous, but a thought occurred to him. “I’ll bet we are just as funny right here in our own northern Michigan Leelanau County. Maybe even funnier!” So he set off the prove it. He traveled to coffee clubs, barbershops, kitchens, parlors, porches and taverns. He scoured past issues of the Leelanau Enterprise. At the Leelanau Historical Society, he found songs and poems about many of the county’s villages. In all, he gathered yarns and tales from more than a hundred people. Like the “fudgie” who asked the “local” where was the best spot to catch smoked fish? The result is a hilarious collection titled Laughing in Leelanau or I Swear It’s True.

Advance Praise for Laughing in Leelanau or I Swear it's True

At least one smile on every page! Fun, engaging, and a valuable contribution to the history of The County.” — Ron Jolly, Morning Radio Host, WTCM, Traverse City

“[G]reat medicine during these times of quarantine.” — Richard Rossman, Executive Director, National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys

“I knew within the first few words I was in for some great laughs.” — Jeff Probst, Host of the CBS television reality show, ‘Survivor’

Scott Craig and I worked together in Chicago for twenty years where he was producing numerous national award-winning documentaries for NBC, CBS and PBS. I knew him as an excellent storyteller but not until I read this book did I truly appreciate his unique ability to recognize and capture the warm and down-home humor of Northern Michigan.” — Ed Spray, Co-Founder of the Home and Garden Television Network

or I Swear It’s True
by Scott Craig
illustrations by Henry Coleman


152 pages
5 x 8 inches
ISBN: 978-1-950659-51-7 (Softcover)
Retail price: $14.95

HUMOR / Topic / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional

HUMOR / Topic / History

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