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Just Beyond My Comprehension — Margaret Ficaj

Just Beyond My Comprehension — Margaret Ficaj


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Book description:

Margaret Ficaj never dreamed that purchasing her newly remodeled dream cottage on the north end of Houghton Lake, Michigan, would send her family's life spiraling into any parent’s worst nightmare.
Shortly after moving in, the family finds themselves barricaded like prisoners in their own home in a vain attempt to dodge the swarming reconstructed wetland mosquitoes. Nobody's immune to the bug bites, but one-year-old Julia's welts quickly develop into bizarre and unexplainable lesions. In a matter of short hours, baby Julia loses consciousness and ultimately her life, with no clear explanation as to why.

In the midst of mourning the loss of a child, Margaret throws herself into a desperate search to identify and counter the invisible monster that took her daughter's life. Was it actually a smart vectored virus, or did it have something to do with different toxicities or some other emerging disease in their new environment? And why wasn't anyone giving Margaret a straight answer? What practices did the authorities of these "protected spaces" have to hide?

This powerful memoir asks these questions, and begs one more: Should we just trust our authorities with the safety of our lives, or can we find our own answers to things that are just beyond our comprehension?  

6 x 9 inches, softcover
IBSN: 978-1-950659-77-7
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Ebook: $5.95

BIO026000    BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs
FAM014000    FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Death, Grief, Bereavement
MED022090    MEDICAL / Infectious Diseases

“Of this I am sure: Just Beyond My Comprehension portrays the infinite strength and grit of a determined mother’s journey. A journey focused on finding answers to her young daughter’s unexplained symptoms and ultimate passing. Within these pages, readers will follow along as the first signs begin to appear that something is clearly amiss with Baby Julia. Each day leads to new doctors, multiple possible diagnoses, fear, tears, anger, and the unmitigated strength of a mother to find answers. The most crucial message of this book is that healing from a devastating loss can happen… when we breathe and celebrate the memories. As a mother who has lost a child, I identify with the author in ways that have touched my heart forever.” ~ Sandy Richards, author of the award-winning memoir A Far Cry … From Home

“Adrift in a sea of confusion and conflicting information in the wake of great tragedy, Margaret's journey to find the truth of what happened to her baby girl is thoroughly engrossing. A compelling read; I couldn't put it down.” ~ Jennifer Stanfield, author of Elder Sign End Times Trilogy Book One: Arkham

“This is a book that starts out with a sweet beginning, evolves into unbelievable heartbreak, and ends with resolve, acceptance, and love throughout.” ~ Mary Ellen Reynolds

“This book deeply moved me, and it left me thinking. It begs a question about a deeper meaning in life and death, something about an inherent power in nature. Should our government tamper with that, and can we trust them to be honest when they take risks with our health? Timely questions. This book was sweet and tragic, compelling and intriguing.” ~ Brielle Cortez, Ph.D.

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