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Harry Hunnybunny's Grand Prize Day — Dolly Hunter

Harry Hunnybunny's Grand Prize Day — Dolly Hunter


Harry Hunnybunny wins a prize at a lettuce pie eating contest and gets to spend a day with the Mayor of Carrotville.

The mayor, a retired magician, presents Harry with something super special — a Super Special Cylinder of Beautiful Bubbles.

Harry opens the cylinder and, Oh no! The mayor forgot to tell Harry that the bubbles are magical. What will happen next?

Dolly Hunter lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with her husband. This story was written for their young son and daughter in 1986. On and off over the years Dolly tried to find an artist who could draw what she had imagined her story to look like. Although the drawings were very good, they just did not portray the vision in her mind’s eye. Ultimately, Harry always found his way back to the drawer.

In 2017, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dolly’s daughter and son-in-law welcomed Clara into the world. A first grandchild for three very excited sets of grandparents!

Call it what you may — Divine Intervention (of which both Dolly and Dia are very sure), fate or coincidence. Dolly’s son-in-law’s mother, Dia Kik, started drawing and painting right around the time the story was written. With Clara’s birth, Dolly shared her story with Dia and asked if she would be interested in illustrating the story. Dia’s sweet and beautiful portrayal of The Hunnybunny’s was just what Dolly had envisioned for more than 30 years.

Hence, our adventurous Harry is out of the drawer and here to delight our Sweet Clara, as well as your sweet and oh, so imaginative children!

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Rabbits
JUVENILE FICTION / Imagination & Play
38 pages, full-color, illustrated
Hardcover, 8.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-943995-88-2
Price: $18.95

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