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Going Out Green: One Man's Adventure Planning His Own Natural Burial — Bob Butz

Going Out Green: One Man's Adventure Planning His Own Natural Burial — Bob Butz


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Book description:

Bob Butz, investigative reporter, humorist, and amateur naturalist is on assignment: He’s planning his own natural burial in three months.
"At once elegant and funny as hell, Bob Butz has written the most useful book I’ve seen all year. Everyone will be needing this book. No exceptions. See you at sunset."
— Doug Peacock, author of Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness
This highly acclaimed book is now back in print with updated resources.

Through memoir, boots on the ground research, conversations with his wife, and a serious degree of levity, Butz considers the options for his final act on Earth. In chapters like, "Wherein a memory of worms offers a glimpse into the future," and "Wherein the spirit of a natural burial is compromised by people looking to make a buck," Butz thinks about the unthinkable, and tells it like he finds it:

  • What happens to our body when we die?
  • Is six-feet-under enough?
  • What about grave robbers?

Includes background on the growing movement toward natural burial preserves and cemeteries in the U.S. and Canada, as well as source information and a bibliography.

"If you want to go out like Ed Abbey — and who doesn’t — here’s the guide you need.

— Bill McKibben, bestselling author, educator and environmentalist 

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