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Fuzzy the Eagle - Tracy L Mikowski

Fuzzy the Eagle - Tracy L Mikowski

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Written with Lisa Wamsley
Illustrated by P.M. Richard


This true story of Tracy the zookeeper doing her utmost to give a baby eagle the chance to soar and live free reminds us to open our hearts and to recognize that freedom and purpose are essential not just for our happiness but for the happiness of all living creatures.

In a small Midwestern zoo, two resident eagles unexpectedly have a baby! Kody and Tanka will never fly again, but their eaglet, Fuzzy, deserves a chance at living a free and natural life. With the help of some friends, Tracy the zookeeper finds the only solution that may give Fuzzy the chance to live free; a new family who will give him the guidance and care he needs to grow up wild. Throughout this journey there are risks and possible heartbreak but Tracy never gives up hope for Fuzzy.

This true story of compassion and understanding will bring you closer to the natural world and open your heart to all the wild creatures that are not so different from ourselves.

“I LOVE this book! As a veterinarian who practices throughout the Yukon and Alaska, I care for many wild animals, including bald eagles. This story of rescue and the instinct to not only survive, but get back to the wild, really hithome and inspired me again to do more for animals who need our help. This is a perfect story to read together witha budding animal lover or veterinarian in your family—you will learn about animals, be amazed and inspired, andnever forget Fuzzy!”

DR. MICHELLE OAKLEY, D.V.M., Veterinarian on NatGeo Wild’s TV show Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

Juvenile / Nonfiction / Animals
ISBN: 978-0-9860287-1-7
Retail price: $18.95

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