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Dismissal — Dick Ault

Dismissal — Dick Ault


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Book description:

Coop Houghton thinks he has it all — his wife’s permission, willing partners and a first class ticket out of trouble ... until equal opportunity blackmail takes the private, public.

The sexual revolution may have started in the '60s, but it was still going hot in mid-'70s Melbourne, and it lit Australia on fire, at least amongst the politicians and the corporate elite.

Expat Coop Houghton, married with two kids, has been living and working in Australia for a few years, and he’s quite the ambassador to “what happens down under, stays down under.” It’s been a remarkable soujourn, his fantasies fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams, and yet ... And yet, fantasies fulfilled can lead to confused loyalties, like when does a marital three’s company become a crowd? When do fulfilled fantasies raise their heads and point their fingers? As life spins out of control, how far will Coop go to protect his reputation? His marriage? His career?

Early praise for Dismissal

Dismissal vibrates with sexual energy throughout ... a soupçon of danger, of illicit desire in virtually every scene ... Dangerous liaisons in the corporate world, indeed ... a page-turner.”
—Rick Bailey. author of American English, Italian Chocolate, and The Enjoy Agenda

"An accomplished wordsmith ... rich and compelling characters ... Coop,Virge and some of their cohorts are comfortable enough in their skin to LIKE women ... a cliffhanger.”
—Jennifer Ward Dudley, blogger: “Born & Raised in Beverly Hills”

262 pages; 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-950659-20-3 (Softcover)
Retail price: $14.95
Wholesale price: $8.97

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