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Culture Shock - Cindy Hull

Culture Shock - Cindy Hull


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“I want him out of my business and out of my life.”

When Barbara Vogel confided this to her friends in The Havens, a Florida retirement community, no one suspected that Barbara would soon lay dead in her home with a bullet wound in her chest. And that days later, an Hispanic laborer would be found dead with Barbara’s gun and jewelry in his possession.

Soon arrives anthropologist Claire Aguila, who a year before had helped solve murders in Mexico. She visits Claire’s parents in The Havens with her daughter, only to find that her father is a possible suspect in the Vogel murder. The family drama intensifies when Mexican Detective Roberto Salinas and Madge Carmichael arrive on the scene.

This unlikely reunion complicates Detective Davenport’s job as Claire and her companions become involved, and, once again, Madge proves to be a resourceful, if unconventional, sleuth.

While Davenport faces friction within his own team, Claire and her entourage seek to bridge the cultural divide between the comfortable world of the affluent residents and the world of those who make their lifestyle possible.

Culture Shock is the second mystery in the Claire Aguila series and is a stand-alone novel to Hull’s first mystery, Human Sacrifice.

  • Publisher : Mission Point Press (May 5, 2022)
  • ISBN : 978-1-954786-85-1
  • Retail price : $16.95 (softcover)
  • Pages : 360 
  • Size : 6x9 inches 

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