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Creative Hands - Carol Tompkins-Parker

Creative Hands - Carol Tompkins-Parker


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Book description:

In October of 2008, Carol Tompkins-Parker sold a surprising number of notecards at a quilt show, her first attempt at selling her art as cards. They featured a detailed drawing of her arthritic hands-grasping a needle with her bent and deformed fingers-sewing a lovely quilt.

Following the show's success, she thought, "Why not draw other people's hands? Why not the notable friends, community leaders and artists in the city to exhibit each unique craft? Maybe it could eventually become a book?"

Every family member and friend she approached readily agreed to participate in her hands' series, but the project was easier said than done. Carol suffers from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and too many autoimmune disorders to list.

Carol has endured multiple surgeries on her hands and back, delaying work on her project for years. During her recovery of weeks (usually months), Carol was forced to lie motionless in her bed. But in her mind she remained hopeful, as she plotted out the drawing, photograph and biography of her next subject.

Long-time professional photographer John Robert Williams was a creative partner, scanning Carol's drawings and shooting portraits of her subjects in his immense studio. Always at her side and providing a force of encouragement was her husband, Edward Parker, who came up with the original idea of the notecards. Please enjoy this personal collection of people who have been influential in her life.

  • Hardcover : 74 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1950659975
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