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A School for the Great Game — J.R. Seeger

A School for the Great Game — J.R. Seeger


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Book description:

How far will a teenage girl go to save her parents? To the end of the Earth.

In 1911, Elizabeth Bankroft considers herself a thoroughly modern woman of the Edwardian Age. She spends half the year with her parents in British India and half the year with her grandparents in England. To Elizabeth, India is a land of adventures and England is a land of education.

So, when her parents decide that she is to attend college in India, she is furious. She will not be “finished” so that she can be a good wife to some British officer or colonial secretary. She intends to be a scientist or a barrister or an adventurer like her idol, Gertrude Bell.

But, at the Viceroy’s College, in the foothills of the Himalayas, “finishing” takes on a whole new meaning. The college is, in fact, the British India school for spies. There, Elizabeth will learn the family business of espionage, martial arts and Tibetan mystic arts.

Of course, things don’t go as planned. Early in her second term, Elizabeth is pulled from her studies and her classmates and sent down a different path, one that will lead her towards the origins of black magic and, with luck and skill, the discovery of her missing parents.

Part young-adult historical novel, part fantasy, part espionage thriller, A School for the Great Game transports the reader to a time when the great world powers —England, Russia and Germany — battled for control. A School for the Great Game is the first in the Steampunk Raj series, which gets started just prior to World War I and charges through the post-war chaos of the Middle East and Central Asia. 

220 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches, b/w
ISBN: 978-1-950659-82-1 (Softcover)
Retail price: $16.95
FICTION / Fantasy / Historical
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

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Contact the author for events or signings at www.jrseeger.com or follow him on Facebook.

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