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Cobalt Chronicles — Kathryn Den Houter

Cobalt Chronicles — Kathryn Den Houter

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Cobalt Chronicles is a story about a delightful child who, at a tender age, faces the harsh realities of survival in the Congo.

Destined to a life of servitude and hard labor, Esynama with her mother’s blessing, challenges this foregone conclusion. Her father drags her into forced labor to the cobalt mines of the Katanga province. But, motivated by her mother’s value of education, she pursues the dream of broadening her world through education. At every turn, Esy is met with the crushing blows of reality. She survives the lechery of a predator, the jealously of a scorned wife, and a brutal attack that brings her to the brink of death. Does Esy have the fortitude and the strength of character to rise above these hurdles? There are no guarantees because to be successful, she has to make agonizing choices.

"Cobalt Chronicles brings alive the day-to-day reality of African life for American readers. There is African vs. European, black vs. white, loyalty vs. betrayal, love vs. greed, selflessness vs. exploitation, equality vs. dominance, childhood vs. age, health vs. disease, life vs. death, tradition vs. modernity, time as repetitive cycles vs. time as progression. The author’s description of these horrors are never overstated—just quietly factual and thereby, all the more powerful." — Frank Langer, Ph.D.

"Cobalt Chronicles is a tale of one young woman determined to survive. From extreme poverty to child labor, Esy narrowly escapes the cobalt mines, only to get caught and targeted for human trafficking. The author paints a clear picture of what it was like to live in the Congo. A truly captivating read! — Janet Sierzant, author of Gemini Joe, Memoirs of Brooklyn and Sauce on Sunday

"In plain but elegant prose, Dr. Kathryn Den Houter portrays the savagery of life in the Congo, today and yesterday. Cobalt Chronicles will open your eyes wide at the brutal exploitation of natives by Europeans — all to reap huge profits from the precious metal, Cobalt. I highly recommend this book." — Katharine Crawford Robey, author, playwright, screenwriter

260 pages
5 x 8 inches; full color
ISBN: 978-1-950659-44-9 (Softcover)
Retail price: $14.85
FICTION / Historical / General

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